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Kelly Bicknell -  Treasurer & Digital Comms

Hi! I’m Kelly; I joined the committee in January 2015, making me the newest member.


I am a Clinical Scientist Specialist in Virology in Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust. I have been the Corresponding Member for Portsmouth since 2012, organising evening meetings. The main thing I enjoy about WAM is the friendly atmosphere and enthusiasm of the people involved.  


The 2016 WAM Symposium was my first event; I found it incredibly enjoyable, as it was a great opportunity to network with other microbiology laboratory staff from both inside and outside of the Wessex region. It was also the first symposium I have helped organise which  provided me with key events and communication skills I would not have developed otherwise.  


I am very much looking forwards to this years WAM Symposium, we have some wonderful speakers lined up and I really enjoy the trade show.


Contact me

Email: [email protected]

LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/kbicknell

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